Five Ways to Up Your Participant Engagement and Drive More Donations

As you probably know one of the biggest challenges of group fundraising is motivating your participants to care about the fundraiser and solicit donations from their supporters.


It may be that they’re introverted and hate knocking on neighbors’ doors. It may be that they find the fundraising process unnecessarily burdensome (handling and delivering product, collecting cash) or because they lack clear, consistent communication from campaign organizers. These are just a few common reasons fundraisers don’t go well.


We have been in the fundraising trenches for over 20 years and realize just how tough it can be for the sponsors to get everyone to participate.


That’s why when we set out to build the best team fundraising platform, our goal was to take as much of the manual work off the sponsors’ and participants’ shoulders and make the process as simple and automated as we possibly could.


And we’re very excited that this work has paid off and we’re seeing consistent member participation rates upward of 80% and an average $390+ per member raised for most groups.


Read on to see five ways how GroupFund can help keep your group members engaged throughout your campaign and raise more money for your cause while spending less time managing the process.


1. Easy signup by text

Users often give up at this first crucial step when challenged by a lengthy and complicated signup process. 


When the signup process takes more than a minute or two, a lot of folks simply give up. That’s why we took every care to simplify this process to the extreme.


Participants simply scan the QR code or text a number to sign up. It takes most users less than two minutes.


No more lengthy, confusing and complicated sign-up forms. Our users love the fool-proof simplicity and is one of the reasons for our high participation rates (upwards of 80%), as opposed to others where half of group members participating is considered high.


2. Built-in sharing by text, email, group chat and social media

Once signed up, inviting friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and others to support is done with two taps. 


Group members easily spread the word about your campaign and reach more supporters via text, email, and social networks and messaging apps of their choice (X, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and whatever else is installed on their phones).


There is no need to go door to door distributing brochures or making calls. In turn, their supporters can share your campaign with their contacts and followers on various platforms spreading the word and making your fundraiser profitable.

3. Automated Donor Reminders

When you launch your campaign, GroupFund will automatically message your supporters on your behalf to announce the fundraiser and ask for their support. 


Donors can contribute simply using a credit card, ApplePay or Google Pay.  One screen, simple transaction. It makes a world of difference and increases donations. 


And once they donate, we will thank them for their donation, and encourage to share your campaign with others — all on autopilot!


4. Participant Reminders

Once you launch your campaign, your group members will receive automated reminders that encourage them to promote the fundraiser and reach their goal throughout the campaign.


We will also congratulate them as they receive donations to keep them excited and motivated to keep pushing forward.

5. Built in supporter sharing

When supporters donate to your campaign, we’ll encourage them to share with their friends and contacts as well so that the word about your fundraiser spreads to their friends and beyond.

And throughout the fundraiser, you can access real time reports and analytics that can help you measure your campaign performance and fine-tune your campaign for maximum impact. 


Do you have questions about your fundraiser or looking to launch a quick and easy fundraiser? Reach out to a GroupFund representative right now. We’re here to help.


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